Quote on Underestimating Danger

“Did we overestimate the willingness of the Democratic establishment to coexist with people who disagree with them?” Tucker [Carlson] asks. “And did we underestimate the real, existential threat to free speech that we now have?”

from Dave Rubin’s book Don’t Burn This Book

In the 1980s, we laughed at the stupid, new, Politically Correct language. We’re not laughing anymore. Would we have laughed had we known the Communist origin of the term “political correctness” and its purpose to control thought as well as language?

In his article “The Historical Origin of ‘Political Correctness,'” Jon Militimore explains the forced cultural sameness, as explicitly approved by the Communist Party, silences and controls. Adhering to politically correct speech means limiting oneself to politically correct thought, the OPPOSITE of embracing diversity.

Think for yourself

Wouldn’t it be refreshing to use your own words? To speak for yourself? Flickr

Leftist slogans and campaigns shackle words and ideas. They threaten physical, professional, and social harm for straying from the pack and writing your own story. Does that sound like the right side to choose? The good guys?

“And if we don’t say something, then we’ll get what we deserve, which is something far, far worse than what we’ve got now.”

Dave Rubin in Don’t Burn This Book

Say something. Politely waiting for the angry hippos to settle down is not working.

Featured image by Leon Basson from Pixabay

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