Podcast Explains Mail-in Ballot Pitfalls and Voter Fraud


This real threat affects every American, no matter your politics. It’s not about equality or convenience; that’s the sell. Voter fraud hurts citizens’ ability to accurately vote for their interests.

My state, Hawaii, moved to ALL mail-in voting swiftly after the CCP Virus emergency. Was that a legal change involving elected representatives? Was it wise? The Office of Elections assured me in writing that it closely coordinates with the Department of Health and the post office to remove deceased voters and changed addresses. It sounded good. But now I’m worried about individuals in the post office or the Office of Elections doing something wrong with the ballots instead of systemic failures.

Ask your states Office of Elections and your elected officials what they are doing to prevent voter fraud. Refer to specific examples where voter fraud has occurred elsewhere, if possible. Let them know you are paying attention.

If the link doesn’t work, search for Newt’s World Podcast, June 6 episode: Election 2020 – Voter Fraud is Real.

Thank you for taking the time and care to learn more about this important, timely issue that will determine the fate of our republic going forward.

Image by Daniel Lincoln in Unsplash.

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