Book Review: The Pledge by Michael Masterson

Who should read it: anyone who wants good ideas for Big Picture goal achievement.

“Promise yourself that you will read only gold from now on.”

-Michael Masterson in The Pledge: Your Master Plan for an Abundant Life

Applying just one Master Plan idea makes the book worth my time.

Other gleanings:

  • First thing in the workday, concentrate on your most important, not urgent thing that helps you reach the Big Goals. It starts your day with accomplishment and enthusiasm.
  • Masterson’s active reading technique to zip through books while extracting more meaning—not just speed reading—will help me achieve my reading goal of one book a week.
  • How to calculate your hourly worth
  • Proof I am an information addict and how to become an information user with the 25-25-50 Rule
  • Even writers need to get better at public speaking

“If you improve your speaking skill by just 10 percent, you will double your personal power.”

-Michael Masterson

This is the kind of book worth purchasing for future reference. However, if I use his learning and memory technique, I won’t need to review it.

Dialogue and references illustrated points well. Mr. Masterson, you have a new fan.

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