Tough Girls: Real Grit vs. Fake Superpowers

This post was going to be a review of the movie Captain Marvel (2019). But I don’t want to talk about Captain Marvel, I want to talk about Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel’s alter ego. She is a Tough Girl.

What is a Tough Girl?

They are everywhere.

  • Lt. Skyler Kamaka – former beauty queen and pilot in the National Guard.
  • Major Tulsi Gabbard – recent Democratic presidential candidate
  • An auto body shop owner
  • Dania Silva- young jiu jitsu competitor who doesn’t give up

Isn’t a superhero a Tough Girl? No! Superheroes are infallible, impervious, and super-powered.

Tough Girls fall, fail, and get frustrated. Superheroes revel in their power. Tough Girls gain power through struggle and revel in the fight.

I know two Tough Girls who are tough in different ways. One taught herself to ice skate using that device that looks like a walker on ice. Even with that thing, she kept splatting. Long days of cold, wet, hiney-bruising failure taught her to stay on her feet. The skinny kid had no quit. She applies that same moxie to other sports.

Are Tough Girls always athletes?

No, but sports is where you learn to get up and go again. With the right attitude, sport builds mental fortitude.

The other Tough Girl juggles failure in every line of computer code. She thrives in Mistake World and worries when the program works too quickly. Do computer programmers relish anguish?

She’s got this

Photo by Audi Nissen on Unsplash

Tough Girls welcome challenges; life is incomplete without them.

Tough Girls aren’t stronger or more talented.

Tough Girls don’t quit.

They know they can’t improve if it’s easy or if they always win. Tough Girls know scrapes and frustration are normal.

Officer Danvers vs. Captain Marvel

This character trait is what makes Carol Danvers a superhero in Captain Marvel. Not her superpowers. Not flight, or strength. Before becoming super, Carol Danvers was an airplane-flying hero. Despite falling, crashing, and getting knocked down, Carol kept getting up. THAT’S why girls should see Captain Marvel, to see grit on a girl.

Dad’s love

Photo by Christian Bowen on Unsplash

You know what? If Dad wanted to take his daughter to the movie despite Brie Larson’s (Captain Marvel) unstrategic comments, he doesn’t have to. He’s already providing all that kid needs to be strong, self-assured, Tough: love, faith, and encouragement.

Get up, girl. You were raised with power. You are made of power. Get up, Tough Girl. Go get ‘em!

Featured photo by Carla A on flickr.

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