Our Leadership Expectations are Higher Now. Thank You, CCP Virus.

If you watched President Trump’s White House coronavirus briefings and then listened to other governors and legislators, two things about leadership are clear:

  1. We look to our leaders for direction—toward hope, toward a solution, for a way out of darkness.
  2. We look to our leaders for clarity. We want them to know things and make good decisions. We want them to tell us what’s going on.
Is leadership about being on top or is it about supporting the team?

Politicians who don’t want the responsibility of making decisions that affect lives


who want to sound important more than they want to be understood


unfit to lead.

The next time the president of your company or your local representative delivers a speech. Will it be enough that they look good, sound important? Or will you expect a leader who sees the way forward clearly and communicates to his team or his community how it affects them?

Will pretty words and a nice suit be enough anymore?

Original image from How to, a book of tumbling, tricks, pyramids and games (1899) by Horace Butterworth

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