Away From the Lectern: Kayleigh McEnany

Fierce, intelligent, poised, prepared. White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany talks with Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk. Click on the link above to listen to the Charlie Kirk Show.

You need to see this woman in action. Journalists who think they can intimidate or trick her are out-classed. With her years and skill at verbal dueling, she has more brains, more notes, and more passion.

I’d like people who believe President Trump is all those awful things they say about him to consider: this smooth, cross-wearing, gutsy lady could work for anyone in a far easier job. But she picked this president and this job. Her actions, and those of President Trump, deliver a clearer message than all the inaccurate headlines and lies.

Finally, the President assembled a team of committed, loyal leaders who believe him and believe in him instead of the chaotic din of the chanting, accusing, blinding, blinded free press.


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White House Coronavirus press briefings on White House YouTube channel

Image from May 20, 2020 White House Press briefing.

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