What the CCP Virus Teaches Us

We can work from home.

We can school at home.

Relationships and social gatherings are more important than we thought.

We can reduce disease rates by hand-washing, wearing masks, not touching our faces, and staying home.

We can further lower disease rates in hospitals and care facilities, known infection hot-spots, by doing the same.

Everyone has a role in reducing disease transmission.

Simple habits are the first line of defense.

A robust immune system is the second.

We have to be happy with who we are without bells and whistles or an audience.

Sometimes we use distractions and obligations to avoid being honest with ourselves.

Boring people may be happier.

Simple pleasures—friends, family, sunshine—make life worthwhile.

Sometimes, we need a jarring incident to open our eyes and feel gratitude.

Attitude determines experience.

We cannot take freedom for granted.

Image from page 110 of “The Bookshelf for boys and girls Little Journeys into Bookland” (1912)/flickr

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