Bad Dog, Mainstream Media!

Fear sells—your fear. The coronavirus pandemic is the best thing to happen to dying mainstream media since 9/11, the Boston Marathon bombing, and OJ Simpson’s high-speed police car chase combined.

People want to know:

  • What’s going on
  • How it affects them
  • What should they do
  • How can they help

Instead, CNN and The New York Times offer:

Bad Trump

Stupid Trump

Late Trump

Weak Trump

If you’ve been paying attention, you know those are lies and taunts and rumors.

Photo by PxHere

At this crucial time, it is not a Politician who saves us. It is a Builder.

You know what a builder, President Trump’s original profession, does? He brings various people together to make something that will last. He makes something out of nothing but intention and energy.

No one could have predicted these circumstances and no one else could have done it.

Too often, hostile reporters in the daily coronavirus press briefings are selling their agenda, not asking informational questions. They sit there and propagandize for the Chinese Communist Party, ask off-topic questions, and waste time.

Biased reporters, Leftist media, and unwise politicians harm the national healing process by discouraging and scaring the public.

Examples of mainstream media bias include:

  • No discussion about liquor and pot stores staying open while ice cream shops and bookstores close
  • Silence about harsh reactions to drive-in church services and protests when proximity and contact spread coronavirus
  • Misleading video clips from White House press conferences
  • Primarily negative images and description of President Trump

Illuminating White House press conferences

Watch President Trump in the White House COVID-19 press conferences and other announcements and proclamations. You will see several unexpected behaviors from a man vilified by the Leftist media:

screenshot from “Right to Pray in Public Schools President Trump Announcement: full video,” News 19 WLTX on YouTube

He listens

  • to regular people telling their stories
  • to the medical experts who are part of his coronavirus team
  • to his military advisers and coordinators


  • to the Press when they ask him “questions.” He even knows the regulars’ names. He has a Press Secretary; he doesn’t need to address the Press himself. He chooses to talk to people, handling their attitude, bias, and disrespect.

He treats others with respect

Even as he verbally spars with the Press, he behaves in an honest, democratic manner rare for a person in power. Fake smiling and secret persecution is the usual, unsavory style.

Remember when President Obama used the IRS as his personal attack dog?

Contrary to all mainstream media accounts, President Donald Trump is shrewd, intelligent, and fascinating. He admits to not having all the answers, so he asks questions and finds capable people to advise him.

A unique celebrity

And unlike most celebrities, the more you see and hear him, the better he looks, particularly in the way he treats people. That’s why CNN stopped playing the coronavirus press briefings. It does not want you to see President Trump and Vice President Pence being calm, persuasive, and LEADING.

The media wants to control the narrative, so all Americans see is a blurry view from a very tiny hole.

This media barrage is false and harmful to our national immune system recovering from the biological assault, economic shutdown, and social isolation.

New York Times articles undermining President Trump’s authority and leadership during this fraught period are sickening and frustrating. The vaunted periodical might as well have a Chinese Communist Party byline.

We are a better people than the media leads you to believe. Photo by PxHere


The Press sell lies, celebrate debasement, and erase all indications of a good, strong nation. Aren’t you trying your best to have a good life and make the world a better place? Doesn’t that describe most of us? We learn from our mistakes and try to do better next time.

We are not racist, women-hating deplorables.

We are a nation of builders, makers, dreamers, and innovators. Stop believing the lies.

Isn’t it time we stop rewarding the misbehaving media with our attention and our dollars?


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Featured image from The expression of the emotions in man and animals (1872) by Charles Darwin.

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