Book Review: Nineteen Eighty-Four

Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell

Who should read it:

Everyone who understands and values freedom. Adults who make most of their own decisions would understand it better than students who live by schoolish and parental rules and limitations. Animal Farm is better for them.

1984 = 2020

George Orwell’s classic is usually perceived as a bleak, nightmarish dystopian future, in which Big Brother knows and sees all. However, in 2020, this warning about a restrictive, industrialized society IS HERE.

“…the consciousness of being at war, and therefore in danger, makes the handing over of all power to a small caste seem the natural, unavoidable condition of survival…War, it will be seen, not only accomplishes the necessary destruction, but accomplishes it in a psychologically acceptable way.”

-George Orwell referring to the careless release of rights and freedoms to convincing car salesmen-politicians who use Emergency Powers as an excuse

Fear The Party not Big Brother

In the setting of Oceania, The Party uses Big Brother as a rallying icon to wield power. But he’s not real.

And like the actual Chinese Communist Party, The Party of Oceania literally rewrites history (deleting photos and writing new articles dated in the past), erasing all proof of a reality contradicting The Party version. Ubiquitous spies and home propaganda screens monitor citizens (China uses mandatory smartphones and apps). Thoughtcrime results in torture and death.

The Party knows everything.

Only Party adulation is allowed—no personal relationships. In China, religion and spirituality are discouraged and modified (yes, the CCP rewrote the Bible and Quran) to glorify The Communist Party. The Chinese cannot have any higher love or loyalty than the Chinese Communist Party.

Confused about which is fiction and which is real? In 2020 there is no line. The Nineteen Eighty-Four fiction has become the Chinese Communist Party reality. Will it be ours as well? Google knows your plans, dreams, and shopping patterns. Siri is always listening. Your smartphone tracks your sleep patterns, heartbeat, and travel.

Nefarious, controlling purposes are just around the corner.

This book used to describe the future. It was a warning. Now, it’s an alarm.

Wake up.


Fahey, Ryan. “China will rewrite the Bible and the Quran to ‘reflect socialist values’ amid crackdown on Muslim Uighur minority.” Daily Mail, 24 December 2019,

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