• My 16-year-old delightful daughter
  • A husband who cooks
  • Electricity
  • Fridge
  • Clean running water
  • Washing machine
  • Dryer
  • Supermarkets
  • Costco
  • Roads without potholes
the Delight at one
  • Cell phones
  • Gasoline
  • Cars
  • Lots of food
  • Home printers
  • Microsoft Word
  • Acrobat DC
  • Phone cameras
  • Ticonderoga pencils
  • Japanese erasers
  • Good quality folder paper
Grateful for basics Americans take for granted, like clean drinking water inside our homes. Photo by form PxHere

  • Gel pens
  • German pencil sharpeners
  • Rubber bands
  • Color paperclips
  • A housebroken dog
  • Husband who likes the dog
  • Bird that likes to be cuddled

Bo Peep, our red vented bulbul foundling
  • Teen that likes taking care of needy baby bird
  • Not getting bird poop in my hair
  • Not stepping in bird poop
  • Long garden hose without leaks
  • Plants
  • Neighbors that don’t smoke, swear, yell, or do drugs
  • Not getting hit by a car when I run
  • Safe neighborhood to run in
  • the trail ahead
  • Lots of business for my dad
  • Lots of business for husband
  • Kids with different strengths
  • Clean underwear
  • A large work table
  • A cute writing table
  • Tons of books I want to read
  • Kids who make food
  • A teen who cooks and drives

Featured image by Skylar Design/Unsplash

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