Book Review: Following Atticus by Tom Ryan

“I watched in admiration as he walked forward with strength and confidence, his small body unbowed by the storm or the great mountains. That little dog, who was supposedly made more for sitting on a lap or in a bicycle basket or a car seat next to an open window, reminded me again and again throughout that winter that limitations are something we put on ourselves.”

-from Following Atticus by Tom Ryan

And now for something different

Take a break from the news and read this book about a little dog with a big heart. Before Atticus, gritty journalist and newspaperman Tom Ryan had a full life chasing down political corruption, producing his independent local newspaper, and replacing his routinely slashed tires. When miniature schnauzer Maxwell needed a home, living and traveling with him changed Tom. People reacted differently when they saw the man and his unique, leashless dog, and Tom opened up his rusty love and hope faucet.

So why is the book about a mountain-climbing dog named Atticus M. Finch? Because life offers challenges and more love than we thought possible. You’ll have to read it to find out.

Following Atticus is exactly what we need now, in the spring of 2020, as the United States is divided, stressed out, and discombobulated. Not Candy Crush or Game of Thrones, you will nevertheless become addicted to Tom and Atticus’ story, and it will lift your week.

Recommended for anyone searching for peace, happiness, and self-acceptance. But don’t go out right away and adopt a dog because it worked out so well for this author. First, forgive, then, find yourself. Address your issues so they won’t become the dog’s (Cesar Millan’s advice). Only then, then, get a dog.

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