John Guydon: Speaking Style

John Guydon was interviewed by Senior Investigative Reporter for The Epoch Times Joshua Philipp on his Crossroads podcast (episode 73, January 22, on iTunes Podcasts).

I liked Guydon’s message so I watched his short but powerful speech.

Since I’m a Toastmaster, I jotted down speaker notes from his Ted Talk.

Body language

  • He doesn’t move around because of the stage spot he had to remain on, but his legs are spread to own the space, and his face and upper body are animated.
  • Makes eye contact, head on a swivel, as he addresses different parts of the darkened room
  • Uses gestures to separate and punctuate ideas

Speaking style

  • Short pauses to let ideas sink in
  • Uses personal stories
  • Clear voice
  • Pacing

Visual aids

  • Simple
  • To underline his points
  • Photos of friends and family to add veracity, poignancy, and meaning to stories
  • Video clips of people to show how their experiences were different, hear their voices directly


  • Started with childhood and Santa
  • Then high-achieving friend
  • Airplane experience
  • People interviewed for his documentary
  • What he learned
  • Four steps
  • Documentary
  • Laid out like a story with beginning, middle, end

His message was a hit because it was strong, clear, personal, stories as examples, and not emotional. Good example of a confident, practiced speaker, with a well-organized speech.

Screenshot from John Guydon’s TedxTalk at Wiley College.

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