China is the Wolf Reassuring the Sheep

You probably noticed some of the things in my coronavirus post were different from what you hear in the newspaper and on the news. Why is that?

Different sources

I read and listened to the same things you did, but having studied microorganisms and infectious diseases, I had questions. So I looked some more. What were primary sources, people on the ground, unofficial, non-Chinese government sources saying?

  • People spoke of large, bustling cities with empty, quiet streets (imagine Chicago or New York City with vacant public spaces).
  • Stories survivors told in which everyone in three-person families got sick and one died (1 in 3 mortality rate), or all five in another family sickened and four died (80% mortality rate). For these families, there was a 100% infection rate.
  • Policemen soldering doors so people were forced to remain inside their homes.
  • A video shot from an upper story with a child saying in Mandarin, “So many bodies! So many bodies!” as health workers on the street below loaded a van.
  • Video of a person here and there dropping to the ground or lying in the street
  • Chinese doctors and nurses saying infections were unusual, with 90,000 infected in January before their social media posts were removed by the Chinese government
  • Stories about not enough medical supplies, coronavirus tests, or protective gear
  • Over-capacity hospitals sending the sick home without testing
  • Bodies cremated without testing
  • Bodies not being picked up from homes because health officials did not want to get infected
  • The actual Indian scientists’ research paper with data, observations, and conclusions

Biased source data

I am not looking to the Chinese government for official statistics. Or the World Health Organization or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). They are all using Chinese Communist Party (CCP) propaganda—lies about the serious nature and extent of this purposeful iteration of the coronavirus.

The CDC is telling Americans not to worry, relying on information from the CCP—the enemy that seeks to undermine American freedoms and take over the world. It sounds like a fantastic sci-fi novel. The reality is worse.

To rely on disease information grudgingly released, incomplete and faulty, by the Communist regime that caused the problem in the first place, is the sheep believing the wolf’s assurances it’s not hungry; it already ate.

Don’t be sheep. Examine sources of information. Reassuring doctors and American health officials only know what the CDC or the American Medical Association tells them. And they only know what China tells them.

Don’t believe the wolf.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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