A Commitment to Freedom in Hong Kong

Rewritten on January 1, 2020.

Hong Kong Fight for Freedom documentary by Stefan Molyneux of Freedomain Radio.

Stefan Molyneux is on the ground in Hong Kong, talking with protesters, lawyers, and businessmen about freedom, democracy, the Chinese government, police action, and what they value.

The protesters have only five demands:

  1. Withdraw the extradition bill
  2. Establish inquiry to investigate police brutality
  3. Amnesty for arrested protesters
  4. Retract “Riot” label
  5. Universal suffrage

They know what they want, reasonable expectations of any free people, and many of them are willing to die for it. The police are arresting protesters and randomly picking people up to be carted away in trucks and train cars out of the city. If you know your history, mass arrest and involuntary transportation by train car does not end well.

It was mind-blowing to hear Chinese people talk about democracy and freedom– forsaken ideals of Western civilization. Why don’t young Americans value these things as well?

Why aren’t we all talking about them?

Why aren’t we supporting Hong Kong?

What are we doing supporting the Communist Chinese government–the systematized, updated, technological, crueler version of Nazi Germany?


Watch the documentary and open a discussion about freedom, free speech, and what you would do to hold on to them. Notice how the mainland Chinese were tricked, snake-like, into embracing Communism, even though only 6% of peasants did not at least partially own land.

If you support freedom and honest, on-the-ground reporting, please donate to Stefan Molyneux so he can continue illuminating threats to liberty, freedom, and democracy around the world, which mainstream media refuse to cover.


I am aware of charges that Molyneux is a white supremecist. I have also listened to hours of his podcast, Freedomain Radio. While I disagree on some of his opinions, he welcomes discourse and differing opinions, unlike many Liberals. As we have seen in the media over the past three years, chanting, slogans, and name-calling do not make a thing true. And quoting education, economic, and racial correlations, nor supporting gun rights and free speech make someone a racist. Treating someone badly because of skin color makes you a racist.

Without directly listening to and reading a person’s words, we are just making important decisions on hearsay. “He said,” “she said” is high school nonsense.

Stefan Molyneux is also a peaceful parenting proponent (no spanking!).

Featured image is a screen shot from documentary Hong Kong: Fight for Freedom

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