Who Should Wear ID 24/7?

Road ID Cyber Weekend sale ends today. Have an amazing December!

I just ordered a new Road ID and two for my dog. I wear ID all the time because I often run alone or with the dog. In case a crazy driver hits me or I fall on a trail and hit my head, I want emergency responders to be able to contact my family.

Besides athletes, who else should wear easily accessible identification?

  • Type 1 diabetes patients
  • Stroke and heart attack patients
  • Seniors with Alzheimers or dementia who wander away from caregivers or are easily confused away from home
  • Others with mental health issues
  • Children

I like Road ID because of the company’s origin story and all the customer testimonials that tell how wearing a Road ID saved their lives, eased their families’ worries, and helped them find their kids. My stretch Road ID is years old and only leaves my wrist for nightly washing.

Disclaimer: this link offers the buyer and myself $5 each after the first $10 purchase. Not sure how I would use it as all my family members and my mom already have Road IDs, but it’s fun to see if I can convince anyone else to get ID.

Featured photo by Mary Blackwey on Unsplash

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