Two Views on the First Impeachment Hearing

Everything You Need to Know About Impeachment, episode 450

A Public Hearing, and a Feud Over Ukraine

You’re reasonable, right? You make good decisions based on available information.

But what if, what if, you only see a piece of the information puzzle?

Would you make a better decision, a more accurate decision, if you had more pieces?

Fortunately, the two podcast episodes above, The Michael Knowles Show and The Daily (from The New York Times), have different sound clips and commentary.

Listen to both.

Give each a chance.

What do you think?

The news should seek out and present all the available information. Picking a side and talking about an opinion is fine, but it’s not news; it’s commentary. It’s an opinion piece. Conservative pundits are usually forthright about their content being their viewpoint. Does other media personalities admit the same? Or do they claim “just the facts, ma`am.”

Now you have more information, primary source information. What are your thoughts now?


Listen to different viewpoints for a more complete picture. Then make up your mind.

Featured image by PIRO4D from Pixabay

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