Appreciating Clients and Members: A Book Review

No B.S. Guide to Maximum Referrals & Customer Retention: the Ultimate No Holds Barred Plan to Securing New Customers and Maximum Profits by Dan S. Kennedy & Shaun Buck

People like to be appreciated and Dan S. Kennedy reminds readers that showing love to our past and current clients renews the relationship and can be more profitable for longer than trying to create a brand-new relationship with a complete strangers.

Referrals are less costly, easier to work with, and more beneficial in terms of business or organizational involvement (such as with volunteers).

The ideas in this book can be applied to any organization or business that distinguishes itself by specialization and customer service over price (financial planning not discount store)

For example, a Toastmasters club can contact lapsed members and ask after them, how Toastmasters helped them, and get useful feedback. An architectural business can send thank yous to referring clients and contacts, along with general feedback on how the referral worked out. He can send a thank you even if it didn’t.

This marketing philosophy is a simple way to radically increase business. I will be applying it in all the organizations and businesses I am involved in.

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