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God Loves You—A Reminder, Not a Sermon

What do I mean?

Veteran, criminal, victim, patient, homeless, outcast, lost one:

You need to know

You were born perfect

and whole

in body and soul.


Because each new life is a fresh start for the soul, another chance to get it right. Each day is new, each hour.

Photo by Min An from Pexels

Why the title?

However you’ve lived

Whatever you think of yourself,

Whatever your situation,

Whatever was done to you, and

Whatever you’ve done,

You were made and meant to be happy, happy, happy.


Image provided by Jeff Robinson on flickr

Because each life has meaning.

Each life has value.

We can honor that value, allow ourselves to see it.

No matter what a person has become

To survive

Or to protect,

You remain worthy of giving and receiving love.

You are redeemable.

You were assembled cell by cell with purpose, love, and care. Every life is a Wish from God for a well world—a  world of contentment, forgiveness, and harmony.

Photo by Alex Graves on flickr

While you’re still with us,

not hit by a car,

struck down by disease,

or killed by a bullet,

You still have a chance to fulfill a Wish for your happiness. You are not done here.

Who are you to think you are unworthy if the Being that gave you


Spirit, and


Believes/wills otherwise?

Photo by Min An from Pexels

You are loved. Say it. Repeat it every day, as many times as necessary. Until you believe it. Until you feel it. Because it’s true.

Despite what your mom or others told you, regardless of your own opinion of yourself,

As long as you breathe,

You have the seeds of peace and love awaiting your attention and nurturing.

It’s the reason we love babies; the seeds are most visible in them. As we grow, they are covered up with age, experience, and hair.

But those seedlings remain.

photo by Wendi Lau

It’s a treasure hunt that’s not meant to be hard. Stop seeing your flaws. Start seeing what you could be, what you are meant to be.

Start small, with one act, one word, one touch.


Featured photo by mosi knife on Unsplash

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