Blogging Widower

My husband is a blogging widower. Despite our both working from home, we only see each other at meals and to coordinate kid transportation.

Our schedules are offset by several hours. While he and the kids watch RAW or Smackdown (WWE), I’m usually writing, formatting a blog post, or taking an online class.

When I finally make it to bed, I’m usually catching up on my reading. As a result, my husband has gained an attractive, sleek, brown-eyed, young girlfriend. They cuddle often and he takes soooo many pictures of her!

She gives him undivided attention during meals, adheres cozily to his crotch in bed, and drapes herself shamelessly over his arms and legs on the couch.

Yet, I can’t chase off his comfort object. She’s a living, feeling being with needs and appetites, especially peanut butter. He enjoys her company and I’m often not available to snuggle like she is.

Image by Kelvin Lau

Meh, if only he would brush her teeth and file her nails…If only she had opposable thumbs, cleaned, and washed dishes, it would be the Perfect Arrangement.

I know, I know, that’s what kids are for.

Featured image by S. Hermann & F. Richter from Pixabay.

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