Writers Write: a Book Review of The Right to Write

Book Review: The Right to Write by Julia Cameron (1998)

“Writing says wherever you are is meaningful…”

Who thinks they’re good at writing in the beginning? Julia Cameron does. She takes you gently by the hand and tells the reader you don’t need to know how to craft a story or feel inspired, you just need to be patient with yourself and begin. And keep going!

“…daily writing is both the room you are living in and the doorway to the world just beyond.”

Morning Pages is one technique she suggests everyone try for 90 days to free their inner voice—three handwritten pages every morning.

She is convinced, as I am, that writing helps us appreciate our lives, slow down to behold our blessings and circumstances, and free clogged self-expression.

“…in writing about my life I cherish it. I value it. I see it. Writing is the act of opening the eye to the absolute beauty of ordinary things. That is dailiness and dailiness is sanity.”

Since beginning The Right to Write, my writing production has increased in quantity and quality. I write more authentically and comfortably. I don’t worry about getting it right while I’m getting it down. That’s for the revision.

Each chapter ends with Initiation Tool writing exercises that shake off writer’s block rust and encourages flow.

More than 2/3 in, I wish to stop because the book has fulfilled its purpose. My writer’s soul feels nurtured and welcome. What else do I need to fuel my writing life?

3 thoughts on “Writers Write: a Book Review of The Right to Write”

  1. Why not finish? There might be a gem in the last 1/3. An aha moment initiator perhaps. Or a waste of time. But if the first 2/3 was that good, worse case is the last third reinforces what you already got. But then again, what do I know? I’m not much of a writer.


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