The Ultimate Decision

Good Morning America featured this heartwarming story I wanted to share.

Baby Finn, nicknamed Fighting Finn, was 21 weeks and 1 pound at birth–three weeks younger than the fetal age most abortions are performed. He was so delicate, his mom waited one month to hold him while he continued to grow and undergo surgery in the NICU.

As a mother of two, I am pro-life and pro-choice. Women need as much information as possible when making a decision to end pregnancy. This means seeing a sonogram, seeing the actual size of the baby inside them, learning about the procedure, and evaluating adoption options.

Pregnancy sucks, even when everything goes right and you have a loving partner.

But a baby is not an organ.

It is more than tissue. It is more than an accident or a consequence. A baby is a miracle and a life’s potential. She is yours, and she is more. For whatever reason, she chose you as her mother and your partner as her father.

She is not tissue, cells, a fetus, or an inconvenience. She is irreplaceable and unmakeable. Man cannot make life from raw parts.

And she is with you, your baby, yours, from the moment of conception.

Before deciding that college, a job, your flawless figure, or your boyfriend is more important than her life, consider that you are at this crossroads for a reason. You can do the hard thing that derails your plans and mucks up your life, growing emotionally and spiritually to meet the challenge of becoming a parent. Risk imperfection, grand failures, and depths of emotion to accept this opportunity and this gift.

As difficult as parenthood is, even when threatening, “I brought you into this world and I can take you out of it!”–a parent never regrets her child. No matter how angry or tired, deep down, later, we know: she is my salvation and my best and worst self. She is my hope.

As Dr. Antony Levatino explains to the House Judiciary Committee, abortion performed on a five-month old fetus, a second trimester abortion, involves taking apart a small baby limb-by-limb–an older, bigger baby than Fighting Finn. At this age, she is viable, even if her chances of survival are poor.

Image by Bon Bon from Pixabay

She can grow up to become a painter, an engineer, the inventor of teleportation, or the bringer of world peace. Give her a chance to discover her purpose. Let her become, so she can love you unconditionally (for awhile, anyway), cause you Come to Jesus moments, and make you proud of her kind heart.

You won’t know how great a mom you could be if you don’t give both of you a chance.

If the diploma, job, raise, or man is right, you will make the pieces work in time. You are worth the hardest, least-lauded, most rewarding job of parent. You are worth all the love you will give and receive as a mother.

She is worth a chance.

Four-month-old Fighting Finn is now all of 5 pounds 5 ounces, at home with mom and dad, a miraculous armful.


Love yourself and where life has brought you at this exact moment.


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Pelletiere, Nicole. “1-pound preemie who fought 100 days in NICU heads home after remarkable recovery.” GMA, 19 September 2019. Accessed 29 September 2019.

Featured image by Manfred Antranias Zimmer from Pixabay

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