A Strong and Vulnerable Man: Documentary Review of Dealt (2017)

“Believe that you are special. You have to love yourself.”

-Richard Turner

Who doesn’t love a good story? Dealt follows a close-up card magician (also called card mechanic) with a secret. Like a thick steak, it’s satisfying, rich, and compelling. Afterwards, you are full, in the best way, without a food coma or added weight.

Think of a documentary as a well-told story about real people and events. Real life is always weirder and more incredible than fiction. Whether it scares, inspires, or energizes you, a documentary is usually worth the price of time and attention.

You may watch to discover Richard Turner’s secret, but he will impress you with his relentless focus and incredible skills.

Raising his son Asa (homeschooled?) to be strong and nurturing, the weight-lifting card mechanic eschews others’ pity while depending heavily on his family. He personifies manhood with strength and vulnerability.

Turner’s sister, Lori, is also extraordinary.


Available as a Netflix DVD, give it 20 minutes. If it doesn’t captivate you, stop watching. Either way, tell me what you think.

If you wonder why I didn’t just tell you Turner’s secret, it’s because I’m respecting his lifelong resentment of others using it to describe him. You will see how it is and is not what makes him amazing.


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