Energy and Intention: Why Thoughts and Prayers Matter

Fatigued and weaving unsteadily on wobbly legs, long-struggling New Day member Kofi Kingston was about to lose the WWE Championship match to madman environmentalist Daniel Bryan. But the 82,000 member audience cheered their lungs out, creating a palpable and unifying energy that went beyond sound.

Months before, when Joe Anoai, aka Roman Reigns, walked to center stage without his wrestling attire or swagger and announced his relapsed leukemia, fans in the arena and at home created a different energy as we cried and prayed for him.

Thoughts and prayers create malleable energy controlled by our intentions:








Each desire and intention creates an energy that others sense. It explains why an ebullient person can energize a sleepy Toastmasters meeting, and everyone gives a desperate person at a party a wide swath.

You don’t need to broadcast your healing intentions on social media. A critical mass of people all focusing on the same family or individual helps the universe align support and recovery.

Don’t believe me? Ever run or bike with a group? That sensation of synchronicity isn’t just wind shear.

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

It’s the power of a group striving toward a shared goal.



Why do people like concerts? The energy of the crowd is exciting and visceral.

Church sermons with electricity also attract enthusiastic worshipers.

Thoughts and prayers matter because thousands of people focusing on the same thing simultaneously creates a ripple in the universe. Prayer offers solace when the world makes no sense.

Part of accepting thoughts and prayers is acknowledging that most people don’t wish you ill.

Cynics put down prayer because they don’t accept that life is a gift and they’re unhappy about it. If this worked for them, they would happily allow others their choices, instead of trolling out their discontent and ill will.

Think positively. Pray. Do your inspirational best. It’s always better to shine a loving, healing light on someone than to spread darkness and hatred.

Don’t give up on your thoughts and prayers.

Photo by Magdeleine,

All we are is energy and intention.

On a micro level, matter is mostly Nothing. Yet, it somehow forms atoms, molecules, cells, tissues…life! How? Energy.

From this Nothing flows happiness, frustration, creativity, jealousy, and love. How? Intention.

All we are is energy and intention.

Take back your power to wield them.

Your turn

Say a prayer. Light a candle. Broadcast your belief in humanity.

For whom did you pray?

Featured image illustrated by J. Willis Grey in Nellie’s Prayer

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