Demand Exceeds Supply

“The demand for bigots exceeds the supply.”

-Wilfred Reilly, author of Hate Crime Hoax

The media is trying to divide us. And they are succeeding. You and I live in a happier, more decent country than the media wants us to believe.

Do you know or are you related to any racists, rapists[i], or misogynists? Not annoying, jerky, stupid people, I mean someone who will punch a black man for being, well, black, forces himself on women, and hates all women.

Media headlines indicate there’s one around every corner, and we must battle against the ignorance and evil by altering college curriculums, muzzling speech, policing thoughts, and prohibiting gatherings. Not only are the latter three violations of the First Amendment to the Constitution, the call for such limitations on freedom are based on self-righteous hysteria akin to the Salem Witch Trials.

For the accusations to be true, you, or one of the people on either side of you, must fit the description. Do you? How about your brother? Mother? Son? Co-worker? Neighbor? Well then, where are they? Hiding under a bridge? A rock? That doesn’t sound very threatening. What is scary is taking political correctness to the Red Guard and Brown Shirts level.

The level-headed among us are appalled at the behaviors the squeaky wheel minority are getting away with.

Let’s leave the insanity behind.

We live in a society that is mostly good, kind, and loving.

In all likelihood, YOU are good, kind, and loving.

image provided by pxhere.

Fight the outrage mentality by focusing on generous, positive, and thankful things. (I need to remind myself to do this several times a week.)

Stop looking for false hate and start seeing real examples of good. They’re everywhere.

It will change your life.

[i] The National Sexual Violence Center created a two-page “Statistics About Sexual Violence: info and stats for journalists” piece in 2012 (updated in 2015). The oft-quoted 1 in 5 rape statistic is from a Center for Disease Control study with appallingly fallacious methodology. First-year psychology and statistics classes teach that researcher or participant bias creates rose-tinted results. Researchers called people and asked them if they wanted to participate in a National Intimate Partner and Sexual Violence Survey. The majority of people who won’t instantly hang up or say no, are already keyed in to the topic or are themselves victims. They are self-selecting, not random participants; therefore, results were misleading.

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