Thankful for Opportunity

Delayed but not abandoned.

I have a new job as Erosion and Sediment Control Coordinator for All Kinds Drafting Services. I help homeowners and construction site managers follow federal regulations to keep all ground and construction debris on the property and out of gutters leading to the ocean. Every state with lake, stream, or ocean access probably follows ESCP rules as well.

Heavy rains in Hawaii are especially damaging when sediment flows down the mountains (wild pigs cause erosion) and off construction sites, causing unsightly and unhealthy brown water runoff into the Pacific Ocean. It chokes coral and damages the ecosystem.

I love looking at homes and talking to people in the community, so ESCP Coordinator fits. Even better, I get to work with my 73-year-old pop, who has finally mellowed out.

However, writing challenges me to create and communicate with a purpose. Don’t you fear, ThoughtRipplesByWendi lives! After all this work, there’s no way I’m leaving it or you! I can write any time, anywhere.

But it takes time to be succinct and I’m still a slow blogger (pictures, formatting, internet challenges), so I’ll shoot for a post every other day. It’s an undertaking I welcome and hope to meet as an olive – better when pressed. Let me know.

With everything going on, there is no end to the things I can tackle here.

Thank you for joining me on this journey. Remember to live your days intentionally, positively, and well. You are here, now, for a reason. Discover your purpose.

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