Opportunity, Not Handouts, Wanted

I used to think Americans were silly for not caring more about politics, unlike people in other countries who argued about politics over beer and bratwurst. I didn’t understand that the United States was founded by and continues to be seeded by people who want less government interference.

Even if they just want their kids to grow up in a safer place, crime and safety are related to corrupt, ineffective government – not enforcing laws, not applying laws equally. Sound familiar?

Many think immigrants will celebrate getting free this and free that from the government. But none know better than people fleeing real oppression that nothing is truly free.

How confusing and disappointing for them to struggle to get to America only to see it embracing more restrictions, fewer freedoms, and economic penalties for expressing traditional values (values shared by the vast majority of immigrants), all for a higher price than where they left.

Ask immigrants why they came. Don’t ask their kids. If they’ve been through the American school system, they’ve been brainwashed. Ask their parents, the actual immigrants. They will all respond: we wanted economic opportunity and the freedom to create a better life for our children. Legal immigrants exchange real hard work for freedom and opportunity.

They don’t want free stuff. They want a chance.

Historically, free men and women wanted to be left alone, and they wanted a chance.

Featured image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay.

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