A Series on Obstacles to Increasing Housing Density

I just completed a blog series covering Hawaii problems with housing density for All Kinds Drafting Services. Although the articles are Hawaii-specific with a few local terms and neighborhoods, people all over the world have similar concerns.

  • Making sure elderly parents are taken care of
  • Wanting our kids to be safe and get to their activities on time
  • Enjoying time outside with our family and pets
  • Desiring the independence and flexibility of a personal vehicle vs. only using public transport

Please share if the topic resonates with you. Thank you!

Part 1: Reflections on a Housing Density Lecture

Part 2: Crime and Dogs

Part 3: Neighborliness and Multi-generational Living

Part 4: Technology Interference and Homeless Park Use

Part 5: Private Vehicles for Families with Children and Eldercare

Featured image by TheDigitalArtist on Pixabay.

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