black and white photo of bandaged soldiers

A reminder of the cost of freedom, a podcast reccy

D-Day was 75 years ago on June 6th. Several combat veterans share their World War II experiences on the Ben Shapiro show.

How many of you have lucky 18-year-olds psyching themselves up for college instead of jumping out of a plane or storming onto a beach under heavy fire? Imagining my husband or my brother in those situations is…difficult. I can’t even think about my children there. Thousands of families lived with war and war-related losses then and now.

Today, we have so much to be thankful for. Listening to these survivors talk about the human cost of words and ideas is a history education not to be missed.

It’s also another reason the United States cannot impose democracy and freedom on others using military might. A people must be willing to bleed and die for a better life. They have to want this idea of freedom more than anything. It cannot be given to them.


You may have noticed I do not usually mention the podcast name or host. My reason is to present the topic without distracting preconceived notions.

Thank you for keeping an open mind.

Featured photo provided by Pere Ubu on Flickr.

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