While I Was Away…

Some paid features I’ve been working on that took a fair bit of research:

Human trafficking is a widespread threat that doesn’t just affect “bad girls” or people in other countries. Technology allows it to reach into our homes through our kids’ computers and smartphones.

Human Trafficking is Here, Hawaii

This longer article is Hawaii focused and comprehensive. A shorter, more parent-focused post on human trafficking is coming soon.

line drawing of six-story structure possibly from medieval times
Housing density has been an issue for centuries.

Five-part series on Housing Density in Hawaii

Increasing housing density is the new Green Thing but there are many issues that planners ignore. Each link will become live as the post is completed.

Part 2: Crime and Dogs

Part 3: Neighborliness and Multi-generational Living

Part 4: Technology Interference and Homeless Park Use

Part 5: Private Vehicles for Families with Children and Eldercare

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