Blogging With Kids, part 2

9000 Words is a good example of kid blogging.

This is the site that inspired my Blogging With Kids post. My friend’s daughter set herself a goal of writing 300 words every day in April. I hope she continues. Her talent and sweet nature are refreshing and welcome.

Why it works

Family members are identified by symbol or emojis rather than name (adorable!).

She writes briefly about what her family is doing without specifying location or other identifying details (like street names or sports teams).

She includes dialogue making her writing voice authentic.

Pictures taken by the family add a nice touch vs. professional, free photos. They give her blog an intimate feel, like she is sharing her journal with you.

Safety features

Commentary is disabled and there is no way to contact the author.

Family members are absent from pictures.

Inspired yet?

More kid blog ideas:

Review restaurants, attractions, parks, toys, and plays

Your blog’s theme could be parent and kid viewpoints: Mom said, Kid said.

Simple how-to instructions

Poems and short stories. Poems can be written to themes and stories can be stand-alone or part of a series. Series draw readers on to the next posting.

Showcase and incentive

A blog is a lovely way to share developing talent. Although feedback and criticism are ideal for improvement, the most important thing for any writer is to write – a lot, every day. Whether a blog has 5 followers or 5000, a blogger is a blogger is a blogger. Harnessing thought and care to craft regular posts develops self-discipline and focus.

Just in case, I encourage you to print and/or save all posts as PDFs. Also, seeing work in the real world helps helps revise, share, and link to older posts.

A blank screen forces a blogger to think:

What do I want to say and how do I want to say it. How do I want to present myself to the world? What is my theme? What is my blogger identity?

Who is your kid independent of peer pressure and the urge to conform?

With comments off, a blogger can learn and grow in a safe space fueled by passion and curiosity. He can still learn from and link to other sites and creators. Remember to always review posts before publishing. That makes you the editor!

Seeing your kid’s personality and opinions develop over time is priceless.

Happy blogging!

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