Are You Managing Your Intellectual Budget? a book review

Two Awesome Hours: Science-Based Strategies to Harness Your Best Time and Get Your Most Important Work Done by Josh Davis

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

If concentration and decision-making are limited resources, then planning the ideal, productive workday is like managing an intellectual budget. This is the treasure in Josh Davis’ general book.

This is a good case for taking mass transit or ride-sharing in order to leave more brain juice for the workday. Daily commuters squander brainpower driving themselves to and from work. Driving in traffic is mentally exhausting and leaves workers much less capable of giving work their best.
You could start here if you’ve never read anything else about productivity.

How it’s different from other productivity books:
* focus on just getting in two golden hours
* achieving solid, quality work in those two hours on a regular basis is better than trying (and failing) to be highly efficient all the time (like a “Start here” theme).

Who should read:
students, new to the workforce, new to working at home, anyone frustrated with work distractions

My Takeaways
* Just focus on getting two very productive hours out of every day.
* Sometimes your mind needs to wander to get clear and more creative afterward
* High-protein and smaller meals or moderate coffee intake with regular cream (for the fat) make the brain concentrate better, longer than a high-carb meal (it’s not just me!)
* Declutter work area to remove items causing niggling stressors at the edges of our attention.
* Put a few necessary items on farther edges of the desk to encourage open, expansive gestures that increase risk-taking and confidence.
* Get up and move around often.
* Noise (like inside coffee shops) is only helpful to extroverts and those with excellent short-term memory. Everybody tends to work much better in silence.
* Recognize when you’re spending limited brainpower on daily decisions.
* Prepare for decision-making points ahead of time by having light or heavy concentration tasks ready to go, for smoother transitions, making the most of brain wow.

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