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Why Imperfection is Important, a crafting blog recommendation

A lot of kid craft websites and blogs are professional and perfect looking. Kids Fun Guru looks like a a real mom doing real things with her kids. It updates several times a week with easy crafts and game ideas. My favorite is making thank you postcards out of Girl Scout cookie boxes.

I know this blog mom’s focus is on her kids, doing fun things with them and sharing with other moms of young children. That’s it. Just kids and their mama. The normalcy of her pictures helps readers think “I could do that. I’m not too tired or uncrafty for that idea.”

What imperfection reveals

Internet stuff takes hours a day. It’s understandable to want to feel accomplished in the eyes of the world. It takes years to see the results of good parenting. It’s often unrewarding, messy, and thankless; like plant roots – essential and mostly hidden.

Her blog reveals her priorities: maintaining a sense of fun and spending time with her kids before the next stage when they’ll need her less, interact with her less, hold hands less, and want to help less with shopping, cooking, etc. This blog and her crafts are a snapshot of love and time that pass quickly, between appointments, play dates, and bedtimes.

How are you preserving pieces of your children’s childhood?

I am glad my kids are older, but I wish I had made a little more effort to preserve everyday bits that are no more:

o Singing and playing the ukulele at bedtime

o Walking around the neighborhood with my firstborn in a baby sling

o Same kid pushing her stroller full of recyclables to the bin

o The older kid teaching her sister to ride a bike

I dislike taking pictures but they preserve jewels of time and space and aid my bad memory years later. Journals and a few pictures are my only baubles of memory.

Life is a gift it’s easy to take for granted. Do whatever it takes to preserve more moments.

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