Book Review: Make a Nerdy Living

Make a Nerdy Living: How to Turn Your Passions into Profit, with Advice from Nerds Around the GlobeMake a Nerdy Living: How to Turn Your Passions into Profit, with Advice from Nerds Around the Globe by Alex Langley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Parents of teenagers, find a way to leave this book casually lying in plain sight. Your kid could be a nerdy professional and there’s a specific, helpful chapter for each interest in this book:

* Making costumes
* Making videos
* Writing
* Blogging
* Crafting
* Drawing
* Playing complex games
* Nerding out in the work world

A motivated person can earn and learn organizational, communication, and internet marketing skills applicable to less unorthodox jobs. Nerdy Living has helpful tips from professionals and basic information about turning a hobby into paying work.

Here’s the test: if your kid is not even interested in reading the chapter about his interest, you know how far that’s going. Be supportive but maybe now is the time to quit funding his hobby and encourage him to find a way to pay for it himself. It’s a powerful incentive to tell your kid you believe in his ability to make something happen while shutting off the financial spigot. This book tells him how to start.

Being enterprising demonstrates character.

It’s not going to be easy; the author is upfront about that. However, if your nerd strives to develop and improve her skills, she is taking it seriously and others would be interested in her work.

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