white-haired man in maroon baseball cap, grey sweater, tan pants holding girl wearing red hair bow, red long-sleeved shirt and black pants on sidelines of American football field


Abundance (n.)
  • A great or plentiful amount
  • Fullness to overflowing
  • Affluence; wealth

-The American Heritage Dictionary, 2nd edition

It’s easy to look at our lives and see all that we lack or wish were different: clothes, money, a bigger house, more muscles, a thinner body, a better phone. But it’s much easier and rewarding to celebrate our haves: a roof that doesn’t leak, warm clothes, a car that runs, healthy kids, internet, hair, clean water, a working toilet, handknit socks, enough to eat, nice neighbors, a mom to call every week. The list is endless!

Counting our blessings reminds us that we are lucky and creates a feeling of abundance. Things can always be better and they could always be worse. What we choose to focus on determines our attitude and our attitude affects everything.

I choose to have an abundance mindset because I am lucky indeed. And if you are reading this you are too.

Teach your kids to count their blessings on a regular basis and develop an abundance mindset. They can keep an abundance/thankful journal next to their bed and write down 10 things they are thankful for before turning out the light. They will be happier and less prone to the envy and depression people who spend too much time on social media experience.

image by Keith Johnston on pixabay

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