Google is a Bad God

Podcast Recommendation: Peter Schweizer Interview

“Trust us, we will teach them to like people.”

-AI creators
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Glenn Beck talks with author and Stanford University research fellow Peter Schweizer about artificial intelligence, how it affects humanity, and Google’s overreach.

Google knows if you’ve been bad or good

You need to pay attention: Google tracks all internet activities and all words typed in Gmail, even when you delete and don’t send. For now, our collected information is directed at ads…for now.

I recently switched to Gmail from Road Runner and I love it – it’s clean lines, clean font, white space, and ease. Previously, I emailed from a cave. But with Schweizer’s revelations, continuing to use Gmail and Chrome (I already broke up with Google, in a long-term relationship with Bing) means allowing access to my ideas and words to future government officials wielding Google tech to control me. According to Schweizer, Google already has enough information to control any politician (it has your complete browsing or search history) and shut down competitors.

Illustrated skeleton from waist up in dark liquid from waist down, with right arm raised and worm sticking out of right eye socket. Reddish sky and dark skyline in background.

With great power comes…great power

“Impossible!” you say.

Think again: Communist China, Communist Russia, Nazi Germany. But that was then, this is n–China and Google are already in a hot and heavy affair. Google is building a plant in China (The internet is weirdly silent about it since the initial announcement in 2016) while the Chinese government uses Google technology to monitor and arrest its citizens.

According to Human Rights Watch, the Uyghur, a Muslim minority, cannot even choose their own children’s names, or speak, worship, or travel freely.

You may dislike a certain sitting president, but if a real dictator or a “more equal” government gets elected you may be detained for the “greater good” and speech will be carefully pruned for the safety and betterment of society. Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia already have stricter speech laws than the United States.

What kind of government controls their citizens like this? Communist ones – Socialism in practice.

Your data should belong to you

But I have nothing to hide. I don’t care who sees my data.

First, everyone has something to hide. Second, words and activities we think are harmless or meaningless today can have sinister consequences and overtones in the future. Political correctness has escaped its 1980’s cage and savagely attacks anyone on the wrong side. Do you want to be judged by your teenaged self?

Only you should control or sell your data. No government has the right to control and oppress its citizens through data monitoring. Yet, China uses Fitbit data to withhold plane tickets, bank loans, and health insurance. Google employees think the U.S. should be more like China.

“Part of Google’s purpose is to shape the values of Americans.”

-Eric Schmidt

Mr. Schmidt, who gave you the right?

Golden-bronze armor from right side view. Gauntlet right hand holding sword at shoulder. Chain mail just visible.
Photo by Maria Pop from Pexels

Arming for battle

What can we mortals of average intelligence, income, and influence do?

  • Talk to your children about history, the Constitution, and their real rights as American citizens.
  • Teach kids to be thankful for their freedoms and opportunities, to defend them, and not to take them for granted.
  • Pay attention to developments in science, technology, laws, and social mores.
  • Decide to accept things going badly OR fight to make them better.
  • Write, talk, teach about protecting freedoms, rights, privacy, and why they are important.
  • Be the informed citizenry Thomas Jefferson said America needs to remain free.

“A well informed citizenry is the best defense against tyranny.”

~ Thomas Jefferson

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