Movie Review: Christmas Bounty (2013)

A WWE production starring Francis Raisa, Will Greenberg, and Mike ‘The Miz” Mizanin

I watched this enjoyable, family-friendly rom-com with my teenage daughters.

Unexpectedly well done

A Manhattan school teacher goes back home to her bounty hunting family in New Jersey to recapture an escaped bad guy. Yes, it sounds hokey but give it a few minutes.

Injecting real

I was surprised by the depth of the characters, the acting, and the story. Every character has been thinly done in other shows: Jersey girl best friend, bounty hunter dad, hunky ex-boyfriend, sinister villain, small town girl done good. Yet, in this film, every character was a little more than s/he seemed at first, a little more real. NCIS was on just prior so I could easily see how this movie’s acting and writing was much better. It was as if the movie writers knew how real people behaved and how real families cared about each other.

Abandoning family for Hollywood

It reminded me of something Ben Shapiro wrote in Porn Generation: Hollywood is made up of people who rejected their families and communities and have screwed up values. Many WWE wrestlers and employees value family and it seems to reinforce the authenticity of the TV movie’s characters.

Let’s talk men.

A seriously silly dad

The Miz’s character took a backseat role to the main female character. Her father, a bounty hunter, looks the role – muscley arms, stubbled chin, and sporting a leather vest. Yet, he’s a teddy bear of a husband and a doting dad. He’s taught her how to take care of herself, i.e., she fights and carries a gun, and supports her choices – teacher or hunt bad guys. Can a real dad be such a dichotomy?

Unexpected love interests

The Miz played an ex-boyfriend who believed in her abilities and skills enough to work alongside her and give her space, not acting protective or domineering. It was different to see a physically strong male role be neither alpha male nor weak-willed dummy. His character complimented hers.

At the same time, the other love interest, opposite in almost all ways to The Miz, did not force his opinions or expectations on the bounty huntress either. Is it possible for the perfect guy to not be perfect for you?

These characters were two different types of good men and neither was stereotyped.

For family

The father and the villain were both motivated by their love for their families. Can a criminal be a good brother?


Why does Hollywood tend to depict simplistic characters?

Does our culture suffer when we always see stereotyped male roles on film?

Do men have unrealistic expectations of themselves as a result?

How can we celebrate and support the masculine and feminine characteristics in everybody?

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